New Products & Highlights

Carling’s New Solid-State Load Controller

The CLTM12-S is a solid-state load controller with 12 high-side outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 discrete inputs, 2 address lines, and a CAN baud rate select line. It provides fast, low-loss, solid-state on/off switching along with short circuit protection for each output, as well as load status and power diagnostics. Relative to electromechanical relays, the CLTM12-S increases thermal efficiency by providing lower power dissipation and higher power-to-weight densities.

The CLTM12-S provides improved safety and reliability while reducing equipment downtime, operator workload, overall vehicle weight, and wiring complexity.

Product Highlights:

  • SAE J1939 CAN
  • IP69k Sealing Protection when Connected
  • Meets 100 V/m Electric Field Immunity Standards
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • CAN-Based Bootloader

    Check out the product video for more details.

    Carling Officially Releases AV/AVH Series


    The AV/AVH-Series sealed switch product line features a sleek, stainless design with various LED illumination options. These single pole switches are available with momentary and maintained circuits, with quick connect tab terminals for easy installation and daisy chaining.

    The high powered AVH-Series also features ratings up to 30 amps, overload protection, thermal cut off, and reset-ability, providing superior safety and performance capabilities. Switching options include ON-OFF, as well as progressive circuits perfectly suited for NAV/ANCHOR functions.

    Product Highlights:

    • Sealed to IP67 for Above-Panel Components
    • High Current Ratings
    • Momentary and Maintained Circuits
    • LED Halo Illumination

      Check out the product video for more details.

      EAOs’ New Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypads

      EAO proudly announces the newSeries 09 Rugged CAN Keypads offer high reliability: The modules are designed for E1 applications and functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262 ASIL B and EN ISO 13849 PLD as well as an intelligent control with CAN bus integration. The robust, modular design with sealing levels of up to IP67 and the ability to customise and interchange the keypad legends make these high-quality devices ideally suited for harsh use in heavy duty and special vehicles.

      Typical Applications

      • Roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors
      • Loaders, dozers and excavators
      • Cranes, dump trucks and crawler drills
      • Fire-fighting and rescue vehicles
      • Road sweepers, cleaning vehicles and refuse trucks
      • Snow removers and groomers
      • Agricultural vehicles and equipment

      Bud Now Offers IP67 Air and Moisture Vents

      For indoor and outdoor enclosures of any size that may be exposed to water or extreme temperature changes where condensation, pressure and heat buildup are a concern.

      Features and Benefits:
      • Water tight and submersible IP67 vents with a variety of passive airflow capacities to balance the air pressure within the enclosure.
      • Suitable for any NEMA/IP rated enclosures, made from either plastic or metal
      • Minimize the risk of gasket breach due to excessive pressure or vacuum.
      • Greatly reduces fog and condensation due to humidity buildup.
      • e-PTFE film technology
      • e-PTFE film prevents salt crystals due to moisture and moisture permeability
      • Membrane is hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (Low absorption of oils)
      • UV resistant PC material
      • Seals using silicon washer or O-ring.
      • Maintenance free
      • Long service life
      • Through hole or threaded hole mounting.

      New HWB60-AL Now Available with High Temperature Gore Vent

      The Littelfuse HWB60-AL Hard-Wired Box is the perfect fit for accessory circuits and overflow circuits from your main Power Distribution Module. For smaller vehicles, this unit is an ideal solution as a main vehicle module. It features durable construction, and IP67 Rating and a compact size. With the elimination of internal bussing the user can customize their own circuitry utilizing direct wire-to-component connections.

      Features and Benefits:
      • The elimination of internal bussing allows user to customize their own circuitry with direct wire-to-component connections.
      • Accepts any mini (280 style) circuit protection component.
      • Compact size allows the unit to be installed in vehicles with limited space.
      • Ideal for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM, or as a main module on smaller vehicles.
      • IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle and stands up to road splash and salt spray.
      • TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) give secondary locking protection of the wire leads, which aid in prevention of leads from being pulled out.
      • Wires plug into the back of the unit using industry-standard Delphi Metri-Pack Series 280 tanged terminals.
      • Multiple units can be dovetailed together to expand circuit protection capacity. They can also be interlocked to other Littelfuse PDMs and fuse holders, for examples the FLEC, MEGA Flex holder, MIDI Flex holder, etc.
      • Add-on accessory can hold a fuse puller and spare fuses.
      • Cover tethers also available to prevent loss of cover during service.

      CSW-Series IP67 Combination Switch


      The CSW-Series is a versatile combination switch featuring a multi-position rotary, a three-position lever, and momentary pushbutton functions. This compact switch offers superior current ratings, IP67 sealing protection, customizable legends and it is compatible with a variety of popular connectors. Together, these features make the CSW-Series cost effective, easy to install, and well suited for a variety of commercial and recreational vehicles; and lawn and garden equipment.

      Product Highlights:

      • Sealed to IP67 for Above-Panel Components

      • Multiple Functions

      • Compact Design

      • Easy Installation

      Check out the product video for more details.

      New Sealed M10 Battery Mount ZCASE Fuse

      The Littelfuse Sealed M10 ZCASE® Fuse is designed to mount directly to a standard forklift battery to provide short circuit protection to the highest current circuits powering electric vehicles.

      Its placement on the battery eliminates the need for any unfused, high-current wires off of the battery—even the battery terminal itself is protected from short circuits and accidental contact. In the event of an electrical fault, the ZCASE style fuse performs quickly and effectively, while also eliminating the false blows seen in legacy high speed fuse designs.

      Features and Benefits:
      • Mounts directly to an M10 female battery terminal-no additional wiring required
      • Self-protected from battery acid fumes
      • Protects entire vehicle from high current short circuit faults
      • Rated for use in explosive atmospheres*

      SANYO DENKI Develops 36 x 36 x 28 mm High Static Pressure Fan

      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 36 9HV type 36 × 36 × 28 mm High Static
      Pressure Fan that features a compact design and some of the highest static pressure and airflow in the
      This fan is suitable for cooling 1U servers, 1U switching power supplies, optical transmission
      equipment, and other devices with high component density. It also comes with the PWM control function to externally control the fan speed.

      ◙  High Static Pressure and High Airflow
      ◙ Space-saving
      ◙ High Energy Efficiency and Low Noise

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of San Ace 9HV 36 x 28 mm

      Kycon expands offerings of RJ45 Modular Jacks with Magnetics


      Kycon now offers additional RJ45 modular jacks with integrated magnetics for use in various applications to help designers with space and cost savings, while improving electrical performance.

      Available configurations include right angle with 10/100 magnetics and POE, dual stack with gigabit, low profile with gigabit and a combo RJ45 over USB with gigabit. Each series can be made with alternative magnetic schematics, LED and plating options; minimums may apply.

      Ideal applications would be  networking equipment, computer equipment, and telecommunications equipment. Please contact us for specs, pricing and samples.

      G7LX-A88S7-BP-G/Y RJ45 Modular Jack with 10/100 magnetics and POE, LEDs

      G8X-188S7-BP RJ45 Modular Jack with 10/100 magnetics and POE

      G10X-288S7-QQ Dual Stack RJ45 Modular Jack with Gigabit magnetics

      GLPLX-SMT-188S7-QQ-Y/G Low Profile RJ45 Modular Jack with Gigabit magnetics, LEDs

      GSP1X-188S7-QQ-G/Y RJ45 Modular Jack with Gigabit magnetics over USB A type, LEDs

      Looking for a Programmable Relay for your Heavy Duty Application?


      Littelfuse launches their new programmable time delay high current relay. It has six user selections for time delay value, it is IP67 sealed, and includes a sealed control connection. Perfect for main battery cutoff in Tier IV and higher applications where you need to delay shutting off the main power to allow the DEF (AdBlue) to pump back out of the engine. Then once the pumping is done, the relay automatically disconnects the battery main for safety, security and battery protection.

      The Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay disconnects the battery from the vehicle electrical system with voltage self-recognition. It has immediate switch ON, controlled switch OFF, programmable delay time, and service state managing (service switch OFF and switch ON). The Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay has a non-volatile memory, low battery alert system, and is thermal protected.

      SANYO DENKI Develops 92 x 92 x 38 mm Splash Proof Fan

      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 92W 9WL type 92 x 92 x 38 mm Splash Proof
      Fan. This fan is suitable for cooling industrial inverters, PV inverters, rapid EV charging stations, digital
      signage, and the like. It also comes standardly equipped with the PWM control function to externally control the fan speed. This fan is the first of it’s kind in the industry to have IP68-rated water resistance and a long service life in this size.

      ◙ High Airflow, High Static Pressure, and Long Service Life
      ◙ Water and Dust Resistance
      ◙ High Energy Efficiency and Low Noise

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of San Ace 9WL x 92 x 38 mm

      EAOs’ IP69K Series 14 Indicator Compact Helps Meet UL 1740

      EAO proudly announces the new Series 14 Indicator Compact. This new addition to the Series 14 line of products features high-intensity, homogenous LED illumination with 180° all-around visibility in a compact, space-saving design.

      These units provide safe and reliable status indication for use in a variety of applications including robotics.

      As stated in UL 1740, section 36.1, “… a yellow or amber visual indicator shall be provided…” in robotic arm applications.  Also specified, the lamp mounting means cannot be screw-in and or a filament type due to adverse robotic arm vibrations. 

      To accommodate these requirements, installation of the LED illuminated Series 14 Indicator Compact is made easy with connectivity through push-in-terminals (PIT). Panel mounting is fixed either by way of a mounting nut or threaded cut-out.  Also, with a minimal back panel depth of just 9.5mm, a small outer diameter of 33.5mm and a polyamide seal, these units function reliably in confined spaces.

      The Series 14 Indicator Compact is ideal for harsh, industrial environments due to robust front protection (up to IP69K) and IK07 impact resistance. It provides safe and reliable illumination for more than 50,000 operating hours in both interior and exterior locations, as well as applications that experience increased levels of humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations.

      These units can handle an operational voltage range between 14 and 32 VAC/DC, with a current consumption of less than 50mA, and feature a range of customization options including colors, connectors and cables.

      Key advantages of the Series 14 Indicator Compact:

      • High-intensity illumination
      • Long service life of more than 50,000 operating hours
      • Compact, space-saving design
      • Domed lens provides 180° all-around visibility
      • Easy mounting with reliable PIT terminal
      • IP69K Protection and IK07 impact resistance

      Specify Super Vu-Tron® Supreme with GenClean® by General Cable

      General Cable recently announced the addition of GenClean®, its proprietary cleanable jacket technology, as a new standard feature for Super Vu-Tron® Supreme rubber portable cord used in high-stress industry environments. This enhancement allows unwanted material to be more readily removed in a wash cycle, which would substantially reduce the environmental conditions conducive to surface build-up.
      With its super-tough jacket construction built to withstand extreme temperatures (-50°C to 105°C), high-stress industrial environments, as well as resistance to abrasion, heat, flame and chemicals, Super Vu-Tron Supreme with GenClean is the ideal cord to withstand the high-powered jets of steam or hot water with chemical agents in many extreme applications. Super Vu-Tron Supreme also features stranded tinned copper conductors providing enhanced soldering performance and corrosion resistance. A patented Flexfill® is integral to the overall design adding crush resistance and durability to an already super-tough construction.

      See Data Sheet

      J-Series Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker


      Designed to provide high levels of circuit protection, the J-Series is a compact, low profile hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker ideally suited for high power density applications. This newest addition to the Carling circuit breaker portfolio is available with a variety of actuator styles and terminal options to suit most any requirement.

      Typical applications would be Datacom/Telecom, AC Power Distribution Units; AC Power Supplies; Power Dense Motors & Controls, and Marine applications requiring higher interrupting capacity.

      Product Highlights:

      • Low Profile / Depth

      • Up to 10,000AIC Short Circuit Capacity

      • UL 489 Listed, cULus Listed and

      Check out the product video for more details.

      EAO Announces ISO Compliance for North America

      EAO enhances its North American manufacturing capabilities with the achievement of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 compliance. This accreditation ensures EAO’s ability to satisfy the unique needs of its customers, and solidifies its position as a value-added partner. 

      For more than 30 years, the ISO 9000 family of quality management systems has helped organizations across the world satisfy the needs of their customers and stakeholders without sacrificing quality. The ISO 9000 standard is continually evolving and its latest version ISO 9001:2015 focuses on increasing performance by implementing risk-based thinking to facilitate effective deployment and continued development. 

      The ISO 9001:2015 certification audit was conducted by the highly respected American Systems Registrar (ASR), a quality management system (QMS) registrar accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The required systematic approach of an approved quality management system (QMS) ensures customer satisfaction in all facets of business practice with the implementation and application of consistent policies, regulated procedures, and global process integration.

      “Earning ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms our commitment to providing high quality products and a wide array of expert services and capabilities,” said Lance A. Scott, president, EAO North America. “We’re pleased to offer our multi-national customers a globally harmonized quality management philosophy, and the ability to meet the increasing demands for U.S. manufactured content in accordance with the Buy America Act (BAA) and the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Buy America requirements for rolling stock in accordance with 49 C.F.R. Part 661.”

      Key Requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Include:

      • Building a management system suited to an organization’s individual needs
      • Upper management involvement and accountability
      • Risk-based thinking and preventative measures
      • Less prescriptive documentation
      • Knowledge management principles

      EAO Announces Innovative Series 04 Dual LED Lamp Block

      EAO announces the availability of the Dual LED Lamp Block accessory for its Series 04 illuminated devices. This modern component integrates two LEDs in a single lamp block providing quick, visual recognition and redundant illumination to increase operating safety in the driver’s cab on control panels within rail applications.

      The Series 04 Dual LED Lamp Block allows one device to display different states in a unique way. With pulsed control of the inputs from two different sources, the dual LEDs appear to be constantly illuminated giving the user rapid, positive feedback of proper operation. However, if one input signal fails (0 VDC), only one source of power will exist triggering the unit to flash as a warning with only one “blinking” or pulsing signal.

      Durability combined with dependability enables the Series 04 Dual LED Lamp Block to satisfy the requirements of the passenger transportation industry, particularly of the rail sector.

      Key advantages of the Series 04 Dual LED Lamp Block Include:

      • Two separate LEDs in a single lamp block
      • Available in both 24 and 110VDC versions
      • Different states displayed in one device
      • Warning indication for failure of one input signal (0 VDC)
      • Reliable LED technology enabling a long service life
      • Availability for all illuminated EAO Series 04 devices (e.g. Indicators, pushbuttons, selectors, etc.)

      CKP-Series SAE J1939 Customizable Keypad


      Compliant with SAE J1939 CAN standards, the CKP-Series is a customizable keypad featuring laser etched legends and up to three dimmable LED function lights per button, which also offer diagnostic feedback by blinking if there is a fault. 

      Sealed to an IP69 protection level, the CKP-Series can be installed inside or outside the cab making it ideal for any on/off-highway application. Its low profile design affords a seamless dashboard look and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

      The CKP-Series offers significant advantages over traditional electromechanical switches such as 1,000,000 actuation cycles, reduced wire harnessing, and easy installation.

      Product Highlights:

      • SAE J1939 CAN 2.0b Protocol
      • IP69 Front Panel Sealing Protection
      • Up to 3 LED Function Lights Per Button
      • Diagnostic Feedback
      • Standard or Custom Laser Etched Legends
      • 1,000,000+ Button Actuation Cycles
      • Low Current Switching
      • 8 to 32V Operating Voltage 
      • Tactile and Audible Feedback

      Check out the product video for more details.

      EAO Presents Series 61 E-Stop Compact

      The new Series 61 Compact Emergency Stop Switch uniquely meets the latest EN 13850 requirements and offers a robust mono-block design that provides additional assurance of fool-proof actuation. With a minimal 21.2 mm back panel depth, this stop switch is ideal for handheld control units or easy-access mounting directly to machines.  These compact units also comply with the latest international standards including IP69k and IP67 sealing which provides front protection and functional reliability in even the most adverse conditions.  For added value, optional high-brightness LED illumination (6-32VDC) ensures that machine status can be clearly visible in all lighting conditions. Increased flexibility offered with up to three individually normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts and a 27 mm or 40mm diameter lens.

      Key advantages of the  Series 61 Compact Emergency  Stop Switch Include:

      Meets EN ISO 13850, EN 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-5 and EN IEC 60204

      High front protection IP69K and IP67

      Very low back panel depth (21.2 mm)

      Up to three switching elements

      Globally recognized complete, single part number

      Optional illumination (6-32VDC)

      SANYO DENKI Releases the G Proof Fan
      with High G-Force Tolerance

      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the G Proof Fan series designed to withstand high levels
      of g-force. These G Proof Fans are the first in the industry to be available in these sizes as the San
      Ace 120GP 9GP type and San Ace 172GP 9GP type.

      These fans are suitable for cooling CT scanners and other devices subject to high g-force or vibration.
      These fans also come standardly equipped with the PWM control function to externally control the
      rotational speed of the fan.

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of San Ace 120GP 120 × 120 × 38 mmClick here for .pdf catalog view of San Ace 172GP 172 × 150 × 51 mm

      Standex-Meder Optocoupler Series 530 Sets New Standards


      Optocoupler 530 Series Innovations
      High Isolation Voltage
      █ Compact housing
      █ Longer Air
      █ Creepage distance
      █ Stable position of pins
      █ Better resistance against mechanical shocks
      █ Better resistance against humidity

      By providing high isolation voltage in a compact housing which is ideal for high voltage applications. Click below for product details:


      SOLICON DRC Series, New Models with EMR Auxiliary Contacts 3 Phase & Motor Reversing models


      Crydom’s line of SOLICON DRC Series Solid State Contactors is now available with EMR auxiliary contacts. This innovative line of compact solid state contactors offers 18 new models, created to enhance the existing offer.

      EMR auxiliary contacts are available for 3-Phase Contactor models (18-30 VAC/DC input) and for Motor Reversing models (18-30 VDC input) in all available ratings and configurations, 2 or 3 controlled legs. These auxiliary contacts can handle small DC or AC loads, allowing SOLICON DRC Series Solid State Contactors to cover a much wider range of applications.

      SOLICON DRC Series features include:

      ♦ 7.6 Amp Motor Controller rating
      ♦ Maximum switching frequency of 9000 cycles per hour
      ♦ 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating
      ♦ Built in Overvoltage Protection
      ♦ Ultra-efficient thermal management design (Patented)
      ♦ C-UL-US Listed, IEC Rated, CE & RoHS Compliant, Horsepower Rated

      SANYO DENKI Releases Splash Proof Centrifugal Fan


      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the Splash Proof Centrifugal fan in two sizes: 221 × 71 mm San Ace 221W 9W2T type and 225 × 99 mm San Ace 225W 9W2T type. It is suitable for the cooling or ventilation of air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, dust collectors, and outdoor-installed communications equipment and PV inverters. This fan also has the PWM control function as standard that enables to externally control the rotational speed of the fan. They feature high airflow, water/dust resistance, low noise and high energy efficiency.

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of SanAce 221WClick here for .pdf catalog view of SanAce 225W

      EAO Adds Push-Pull E-Stop Option




      EAO enhances its operational safety capabilities with the optional pull-to-release feature on its new Series 45 Emergency Stop Switches. This innovative characteristic necessitates a physical, intentional pulling action to reset the switch after actuation.

      The pull-to-release feature is just one of many elements enabling these dependable switches to provide fool-proof operation and prevent damage to equipment and control systems in the event of a malfunction.

      Key advantages of the Series 45 Emergency Stop Switch Include:
      Pull-to-release, twist-to-release, or optional key-release variants
        Reliable switching for up to 300,000 cycles
      IP69K protection and impact, vibration and shock resistance
        DIN EN ISO 13850, EN 60204-1, UL, CSA, CCC and ROHS approved
      Different actuator shapes and sizes
      Optional illumination

      SANYO DENKI Releases 40 × 40 × 56 mm Counter Rotating Fan


      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 40 9CRH type 40 × 40 × 56 mm Counter Rotating Fan. It features some of the highest static pressure in the industry.

      High energy efficiency and low noise power consumption and noise level have been reduced by approximately 10% and 3 dB(A), respectively, compared with our current model. Furthermore, the PWM control function enables the external control of fan speed, contributing to even lower noise and higher energy efficiency of devices.

      Applications: Servers, power supplies, ICT devices, and data storage systems

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of SanAce 40 9CRH type

      Crydom’s Introduces New DRSCN Socket


      Crydom is pleased to announce the addition of a new model to their DRS Series of DIN rail mount sockets compatible with most CN Series Solid State Relays. The DRSCN30 model features an input voltage range of 4 to 30 VDC, a wider range than existing DRSCN Series models.

      DRSCN sockets include convenient wire termination for field wiring and a LED input status indicator. ID marker strips are also available as accessories in order to facilitate control point identification.

      SANYO DENKI Releases 97 × 33 mm Blower


      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace B97 9BMC type 97 × 33 mm blower. It features the industry’s highest airflow and static pressure. The maximum airflow has increased by 15% compared with current model, the maximum static pressure has increased by 50% and the PWM control function enables the external control of fan speed, contributing to lower noice and higher energy efficiency of devices.

      Expected life: 40,000 hours

      Applications: servers, power supplies, printers, copy machines, air purifiers, house ventilation devices, and fuel cells

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of 9BMC12P2G001

      PC-Series Update: Now Available with UL 943 Approval




      PC-Series, AC Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), combines the ground fault protection of a GFCI with the familiar overcurrent tripping characteristics of a normal circuit breaker. It detects lower level ground faults that do not trip ordinary circuit breakers, but could lead to shock hazards and fires in installations near water. Innovative features include status LED indicators distinguishing if a breaker is closed with line voltage present, or has opened due to leakage current, or has opened due to over current, or is closed with no line voltage present. It also offers an optional Hot/Neutral reversal detection and protection.

      Product Highlights

        • Meets latest UL 943 standards
        • GFCI Self-test auto-monitoring & end-of-life indication
        • Integrated push-to-reset button
        • Overload, short circuit and ground fault protection in a single package
        • Status LED indicators
        • Single circuit solution for AC branch ground fault protection
        • Optional panel seal

      Typical Applications: Generators, Water Heaters, Battery Chargers, Marine, AC main ground fault protection for a boat’s entire AC electrical system

      Kycon Offers Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type C SMT



      Kycon has expanded their USB type C series, adding a Gen 2 top mount connector with dual row SMT contacts. Its compact design makes it ideal to work for the smallest peripheral devices, and can handle significantly faster data rates (10Gbps) than the standard USB 2.0 products.

      Key Specifications:
      ░ Gen 2 10Gbps data rate
      ░ Top Mount
      ░ 10K mating cycles
      ░ Backward compatibility with previous USB versions
      ░ Available with black or white insulator (black standard)
      ░ Available with 30u or gold flash contacts (30u standard)
      ░ Tape and reel packaging


      SANYO DENKI Releases 120 x 120 x 25 mm Low Power Consumption Fan


      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the San Ace 120 9GA type 120 x 120 x 25 mm low power consumption fan. It features industry-leading energy efficiency and static pressure. It is suitable for use in medical equipment, electrical measuring instruments, PV inverters, industrial inverters, LCDs, and arcade amusement machines. This fan also has the PWM control function as standard that enables to externally control the rotational speed of the fan.

      * Low Power Consumption – power consumption has decreased by 45%
      * High Static Pressure – static pressure has increased by 63%
      * Low Noise and High Energy Efficiency – PWM control function enables the external control

      Crydom’s Announces the PMP Series



      Crydom’s PMP Series of Proportional Control SSRs is the new member of the NOVA22 product family. The panel mounted multi-function proportional control SSRs are ideal for applications that require control of the amount of power delivered to a resistive load.

      Main features of the PMP Series include:

      • Output ratings of 25, 50 and 90 Amps
      • Available in 3 operating voltage ranges: 90-280, 345-530 and 420-660 VAC
      • Selectable Operation Mode: Phase Angle or Burst Fire control
      • Selectable Control Input: 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA
      • 50/60 Hz Adaptive Operational Frequency function
      • 4-20 mA input does not require an auxiliary power supply
      • LED multifunction status indicator
      • Contactor configuration with “Elevator” screw terminals
      • Optional overvoltage protection (built-in TVS diode)

      PMP Series are fully configurable Panel Mount proportional control relays with micro controller based technology designed to provide control of the power delivered to single-phase loads of up to 90 Amps at 90 to 600 VAC. These proportional controllers are ideal for a wide range of applications that require control of the load power, such as for example lamp dimming.

      Need encoders in a jiffy?



      Express Encoders are popular configurations of our standard model encoders that ship in 3 business days or less with no expedite fees. Some models can ship same day – please consult factory. With six package styles (four incremental and two absolute) to choose from, over 2,000 different configurations – that will meet just about any need.

      BEI pays the freight for UPS 2nd Day Delivery when shipping to an address in the continental United States.

      TB-Series Tandem-Pole Circuit Protection



      The TB-Series is designed with a common trip linkage ensuring if one pole trips, the tandem pole simultaneously trips. It also features a trip-free mechanism, a safety feature making it impossible to manually hold the contacts closed during overcurrent or fault conditions. TB-Series options include available handle guard to prevent inadvertent actuation and an auxiliary switch.

      Product Highlights:
      • Fits in 1RU
      • 2 Pole Protection in a 1 Pole Package
      • Common Trip Included
      • Optional Auxiliary Switch

      Check out the product video for more details.

      Design High-Amp & Robust Electrical Control Into Your Vehicle



      The Littelfuse TR Series Dual Pole 500A Master Battery Disconnect Switch is designed to cut all battery power from vehicle electrical systems on applications needing switching of two circuits, or for switching of both positive and negative.

      TR Series Features:

      Dual Pole

      48V DC max voltage

      500A max continuous current

      Lock-out, tag-out compatible

      Sealed, IP-rated housing

      Check out the product video for more details.

      EAO Introduces New IP69K Series 14 Indicator Compact


      EAO proudly announces the new Series 14 Indicator Compact. This new addition to the Series 14 line of products features high-intensity, homogenous LED illumination with 180° all-around visibility in a compact, space-saving design.

      These units provide safe and reliable status indication for use in a variety of applications such as machinery, industrial automation, robotics and specialty vehicles. With a minimal back panel depth of just 9.5mm, a small outer diameter of 33.5mm and a polyamide seal, these units function reliably in confined spaces. Additionally, installation is made easy with connectivity through push-in-terminals (PIT).

      The Series 14 Indicator Compact is ideal for harsh, industrial environments due to robust front protection (up to IP69K) and IK07 impact resistance. It provides safe and reliable illumination for more than 50,000 operating hours in both interior and exterior locations, as well as applications that experience increased levels of humidity or extreme temperature fluctuations.

      These units can handle an operational voltage range between 14 and 32 VAC/DC, with a current consumption of less than 50mA, and feature a range of customization options including colors, connectors and cables.

      Key advantages of the Series 14 Indicator Compact:
      High-intensity illumination
      ◘ Long service life of more than 50,000 operating hours
      ◘ Compact, space-saving design
      ◘ Domed lens provides 180° all-around visibility
      ◘ Easy mounting with reliable PIT terminal
      ◘ IP69K Protection and IK07 impact resistance

      Position Sensors and Encoders for Material Handling Equipment




      BEI Sensors offers a variety of rotary encoders and position sensors rugged enough for material handling operations in the toughest environmental conditions. BEI’s motion control products provide speed and position feedback needed for cranes, hoists and lifts to move materials with precision and accuracy. The environments where material handling equipment operates are almost as diverse as the materials they move. Whether it’s loading and unloading cargo in unforgiving seaports or handling material on a factory floor, the equipment requires reliable motion control feedback solutions to do their job properly and safely. BEI Sensors specializes in the design and manufacture of position and speed sensors for a variety of equipment, including hoists, cranes (gantry, harbor, and construction), fork lifts, conveyers, automated warehousing, man lifts and scissor lifts.

      Crydom’s Popular Mini-puck SSR is New & Improved!



      Crydom presents the redesigned range of EL Series AC and DC output solid state relays with ratings up to 30 Amps, making it the highest current rating SSR in this compact footprint. The EL Series SSR comes in a 21mm x 35mm housing with quick connect terminals, ideal for applications where space is at a premium, such as small commercial and medical machines.  The internal construction and housing of the EL Series has been re-designed for improved reliability, robust mechanical construction and improved thermal performance. This product line recently added optional built-in over voltage protection (internal TVS diode) on AC models, as well as a unique optional 90° bent terminals for applications where vertical space is limited.

      Other features of the EL Series include:
      ♦ Load current ratings of 30 Amps @ 24-280 VAC and 10 Amps @ 3-100 VDC
      ♦ Back-to-back SCR output with low off state leakage current (AC models)
      ♦ Low dissipation Mosfet output (DC models)
      ♦ Flexible 5, 12 and 24 VDC control voltage options
      ♦ Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on outputs (AC models)

      Crydom’s EL Series SSRs are C-UL-US Recognized, TUV compliant according to IEC 62314 (AC output version), CE compliant to the Low Voltage Directive, and RoHS & China RoHS compliant. Additionally, the enclosure and the PCB of the EL Series solid state relays meet the requirements of standard IEC60335-1, which make it an ideal option for demanding applications in the household appliances and professional food equipment.

      New Battery Disconnect Solutions Available!


      Littelfuse is excited to announce the addition of new manual battery disconnect switches to their portfolio. The new products help to offer more options with new features and benefits when selecting battery and starting circuit switches.

      All products are ready for orders today in bulk and boxed retail quantities. For pricing or minimum order quantity questions, contact your Pinnacle Marketing account representative. To browse the features, benefits and technical specifications of the new products click the picture to the left!

      New Product Release: ST-Series Sealed Toggle Switch



      Designed to comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements for environmentally sealed toggle switches, Carling Technologies ST-Series Sealed Toggle Switch features innovative design and performance principles that are sure to withstand the most demanding applications.

      The ST-Series features a toggle seal composed of dynamic silicone material that bonds to the metal toggle, pin and bushing, providing ideal sealing and protection against the environment, vibration and shock, while withstanding extreme temperature variations. It also utilizes up to three terminal seals per pole and an optional o-ring assures additional under panel sealing protection. All silicone seals on the ST-Series comply with A-A-59588 for silicone rubber performance specifications and, together, these features meet the international IEC 60529 standard for sealing performance to an IP68 level.

      Product Highlights:

      ♦ Designed to comply with MIL-DTL-3950G requirements
      ♦ IEC 60529 IP68 sealing performance
      ♦ Toggle seal bonds to toggle, pin and bushing
      ♦ Complies with UL 61058-1 electrical spacing requirements

      Check out the product video for more details.

      SANYO DENKI Releases Bracket-mounted Centrifugal Fans




      SANYO DENKI has developed and launched our new line of Bracket-mounted Centrifugal Fans in two sizes: 270 × 270 × 99 mm (San Ace C270 9B1TP type), and 270 × 270 × 119 mm (San Ace C270 9B1TS type). Both models have an air inlet integrated into the unit.

      These are suitable for use in air purifiers, industrial ventilators, industrial air conditioners, inverters, ICT equipment, and heat exchangers.

      They also have PWM control function as standard that enables external control of the fan rotational speed.


      Maximizes strengths of the centrifugal fan To maximize fan performance, an air inlet needs to be precisely mounted to the fan. Bracket-mounted centrifugal fans have an air inlet and a mounting bracket integrated into one unit. The precise assembly at our factory ensures optimized balance, helping the fan perform at its maximum potential.

      Easy Installation Our centrifugal fans come equipped with an air inlet and a mounting bracket, making your installation work easy.

      Now Available for NOVA22 Solid State Relays: Crydom’s DRML1



      The DRML1 Load Monitoring Module is an add-on module designed to be plugged into Panel Mount PM22 Series and DIN Rail Mount DR22 Series contactor configuration models to provide complimentary monitoring functions.

      This module can detect partial or total load failure of up to 8 loads, for a total current ranging from 1.2 Amps up to 50 Amps at 600 VAC, which makes it an excellent solution for quality supervision of heating systems.

      Additional features of the DRML1 module include:
      ≡ Selectable max current rating: 20 Amps or 50 Amps
      ≡ Selectable alarm delay (0.1 sec, 1 sec, 5 sec)
      ≡ Minimum current for single load: 150 mA
      ≡ Alarms detected: undercurrent, overcurrent, open mains voltage, SSR fault
      ≡ Alarm output: PNP open collector, 6-28 VDC, 100 mA
      ≡ Up to 128 modules can be connected in parallel
      ≡ Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indication

      EAO Introduces User-Friendly Series 45 Potentiometers

      series 45 pot

      EAO announces the robust Series 45 potentiometers that are capable of operation in even the harshest environments. These mechanically-turned-electrical units offer the ability to make fine adjustments to the resistance of your machinery variably over a rotational range of 270 degrees. Series 45 potentiometers feature IP66, IP67, and IP69K protection and are offered in a choice of either black plastic or metal silver front rings and housings.

      Key advantages of the Series 45 Potentiometer include:
      → Meet IP66, IP67, and IP69K requirements
      → Long service life
      → Easy mounting
      → Rotational range of 270 degrees
      → Resistance from 1k to 470k ohms
      → Choice of metal or plastic materials

      These customizable potentiometers can be utilized in a variety of applications. For example, they have the ability to seamlessly regulate the brightness of lighting in cockpits and driver cabins or finitely adjust the control of automated machinery. In addition to Series 45 Potentiometers, EAO offers a variety of innovative, intuitive and reliable products and services for customized HMI systems.

      SANYO DENKI Launches San Ace PWM Controller


      pwm-box pwm-pcb

      SANYO DENKI has developed and released the San Ace PWM controller, a controlling device that easily regulates the rotational speed of fans equipped with PWM control function

      It optimally controls the fan rotational speed easily, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.


      Reduces system power consumption and fan noise » For PWM fan speed control, a PWM control circuit needs to be newly designed and configured. By using this product, however, PWM control function fans can be fully utilized without the need for preparing new circuits, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.

      Can be common-powered by the fan power supply » The controller can be powered by the fan power supply of rated voltage 12, 24, and 48 VDC, and no separate supply is required.

      Maximum of four fans connectable » Up to four fans with PWM control function can be connected and controlled.

      *PWM control function allows for the fan speed to be controlled externally by adjusting the duty cycle–pulse width–of input pulse signals. Many of our conventional fans are equipped with the function.
      *The controller can only be used on fans with 25 kHz PWM input and VIH of 3.3 or 5 VDC.

      Now Available: 1% Sensitivity Tolerance


      N.L Series

      Known for their low profile design and high performance, the L-Series and N-Series circuit breakers are now capable of sensing power fluctuations down to a level of 1%.

      This optional capability provides precise current monitoring and reporting required for back billing for the actual power consumed by datacenter storage and routing devices.

      Refer to the datasheet ordering schemes for complete details.

      L-series                 N-series

      Crydom Re-introduces the DRH Series


      The DRH series is intended for switching any resistive or inductive loads. Thanks to the enhanced power of 20 amps on each channel, the DRH contactors are ideal for use on heating applications in market segments like plastic, packaging, HVAC, food and beverage, printing, and medical.

      The DRH Series is a family of compact DIN Rail Mount, IEC standard based Solid State Contactors with ratings up to 20A per channel at 600 VAC. The DRH Series is ideal for heating applications up to 20A per phase, and can also be used to control (start/stop) 3-phase motors of up to 5HP at 480 VAC. It is an effective solution for replacement of electromechanical contactors in commercial and industrial applications that require frequent switching.

      DRH Series contactors have an innovative design that increases the air flow thus improving the thermal performance and feature over-temperature protection to avoid overheating in case of a fan malfunction. They are available in 2 different versions with ratings up to 18 Amps (3 controlled legs) or up to 20 Amps (2 controlled legs).

      Additional features of the DRH Series include:

      ╟ Built-in over-voltage protection
      ╟ Alarm output in case of over-temperature
      ╟ Enclosed heat sink, eliminating the need of providing earth connections
      ╟ AC or DC control
      ╟ Zero voltage and instantaneous turn-on output
      ╟ Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indication
      ╟ Over voltage protection
      ╟ UL 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating
      ╟ C-UL-US listed and CE compliant

      SANYO DENKI Launches Industry’s Highest Static Pressure



      The San Ace 80 9HVA type delivers the perfect solution for efficiently cooling servers, data storage systems, and power supplies. It also has PWM control function, designed for controlling the rotational speed of the fan from the system.

      This fan features both high static pressure is an ideal cooling solution, especially for densely-packed equipment. It also suitable for 2U devices measuring 80 mm square.

      Expected life: 40,000 hours

      Applications: servers, data storage systems, and power supplies

      Click here for .pdf catalog view of 9HVA0812P1G001

      Kycon Offers USB 3.1 Type C Mid Mount Connector



      Kycon has expanded their USB series by adding a mid mount USB 3.1 Type C female port connector to their product line. With a 10Gbps data rate, USB 3.1 Gen 2 can handle significantly faster data transfer than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 products. The mid mount option minimizes its board footprint to offer a design solution where space is a concern, and is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 to offer maximum design versatility.



      Littelfuse introduces HWB 6, HWB 12 and the Z-Case


      HWB6◘ Clear Cover & Black Cover (UL)

      ◘ IP 67/69K Sealed

      ◘ AssureLatch™ Technology



      ◘ Bracket Mount Options

      ◘ Takes Mini Fuses, Mini Breakers and more…

      ◘ Cover designed to take a custom label



      ◘ Mounts directly to a post style of battery

      ◘ Available in 2 & 3 outputs

      ◘ Uses standard M8 nuts


      Aftermarket boxed kits and retail packs coming in Summer 2016!

      Crydom Combines Power and Versatility in its
      New NOVA22 Solid State Relays


      Crydom is pleased to announce the new NOVA22 AC and DC output solid state relays. NOVA22 solid state relays are available in both DIN Rail (DR22 series) and Panel mount (PM22 series) packages:

      NOVA22 solid state relays feature:

      ► DIN rail models rated up to 35 Amps and panel mount models rated up to 95 Amps
      ► 22.5mm wide package
      ► 4-32VDC, 90-280VAC/DC or 18-52VAC/DC input control options
      ► Relay or contactor configuration
      ► Innovative “Elevator” screw for easy connection of ring terminals
      ► LED input indicator
      ► Over voltage protection
      ► Zero voltage or instantaneous turn-on output
      ► 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating
      ► Maximum I2t value of 8320 A2sec

      These features make NOVA22 SSRs unique in the market, outperforming competing products on each front with a broader working temperature range (-40ºC to +80ºC), and higher resistance to surge current (1290Amps x 20 msec). High I2t models (8320 A2S) allow use of the solid state relay in conjunction with circuit breakers instead of fuses allowing short circuit protection in Type 2 Coordination per IEC 60947-4-1. Contactor configuration models include a plug-in connector for the control input, available in either standard “screw” or “spring” terminals.

      The DR22 series is available in either AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC) or DC output voltage (1 to 200VDC). Current rating at standard 40ºC is 20Amps, 30Amps and 35Amps (only for AC output) and high I2t value (8320 A2S), making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm DIN rail mount solid state relay with 35Amps @ 40ºC on the market!

      The PM22 series is available with AC output voltage (48 to 600VAC). Current ratings include 25Amps, 50Amps and 95Amps and high I2t value (8320 A2S) making NOVA22 the only 22.5mm panel mount solid state relay with 95Amps on the market! Crydom also offers the new HSP-7 thermal pad available for purchase as an accessory or already assembled on the solid state relay to facilitate installation.

      Crydom’s NOVA22 DR22 Series is cULus Listed and PM22 Series is cURus approved according to UL508 standard. AC Output devices are also TUV certified according to EN 62314 standard. Other certifications include; CE compliant to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives and to the RoHS and China RoHS Directives.

      We invite you to watch this video and take a closer look at the advantages of NOVA22 SSR family.

      New Circuits Now Available in Carling’s V-Series Rotary


      V-Series Rotary

      The V-Series Contura Rotary Switch was designed for maximum performance and reliability leveraging the features of the widely popular V-series Contura Rocker Switches. Available in maintained and momentary circuit options, the V-Series Rotary features a sturdy knob construction, up to three separate LEDs, and fits in an industry standard panel opening.

      Internally, the V-Series Contura Rotary uses a patented mechanism that translates rotary to linear motion. This allows for common switch functionality and terminal connections with the V-Series rocker version and requires no harness change. A secondary CAM, which helps drive the mechanism, provides definitive detent positions and prevents the switch from stopping between positions, while improving tactile feel.

      The V-Series Rotary also features an innovative PC board that supports the LED and surface mount resistors; and IP67 sealing protection above panel by utilizing LED and actuator stem seals. Together, these features make the V-Series Contura Rotary switch the best choice available in the market today.

      Product Highlights:

      ○ Up to three separate LEDs
      ○ Patented mechanism translates rotary into linear motion
      ○ Secondary CAM for definitive detent positions
      ○ IP67 sealing protection above panel
      ○ PC Board allows for customized illumination solutions

      Check out the product video for more details.

      EAO Introduces the Robust and Tactile Series 45 Toggle Sticks




      toggle stick

      The toggle sticks from Series 45 are attractively designed and provide smooth tactile feedback making them ideal for the intuitive and precise operation of coordinate-controlled machine functions.

      This new product features a variety of possible combinations offering up to four switching positions with positive tactile feedback, in either momentary or maintained action and with an optional locking mechanism.

      These toggle sticks are suitable for a wide range of applications with operating voltages from 5 to 500 V. With a service life of up to 250,000 switching cycles in each direction and front protection of IP65/IP67, the switches are extremely robust and reliable in use at operating temperatures from -25 °C to +70°C.

      Thanks to their metal or plastic construction, these toggle switches maintain an attractive appearance that complements their functionality. Furthermore, an anti-rotation device, and innovative snap-on design, guarantee fast, intuitive and easy assembly without the need for special tools.

      Key advantages of the Series 45 Toggle Switches include:
      ■ Intuitive and precise switching
      ■ Robust and reliable in use (IP65/IP67)
      ■ Intuitive and fast assembly without special tools
      ■ Smooth tactile feedback
      ■ Wide range of possible combinations
      ■ Aesthetic design

      Standex-Meder Electronics Showcases Planar Transformers
      for Fast Charging Applications


      Fast chargers for all types of electric vehicles and industries have become more popular as commuters rely on energy efficient options for transportation. With commuters moving away from ethanol based fuel mixtures, electric vehicles are becoming more standardized and environmentally friendly.

      Standex-Meder Electronics has developed various products including planar transformers for use in fast charging applications. The P560 and P900 planar transformer series with a combined 5kW-30kW power range have transformed the efficiency within inverters in fast charging units.

      Furthermore, hi-current planar inductors can serve within the same efficient, low-profile packages.

      For example, a manufacturer approached Standex-Meder with the challenge to provide a reduction in height of 50% from a traditional wire-wound transformer and create a custom solution that met their specifications. All this, while maintaining their footprint with higher efficiency and exceptional thermal management. The engineered custom solution included a planar transformer customized to fit their manufacturing and functional needs.

      Benefits of Planar Technology vs. Wire-Wound:

      • Low package profile relative to wire-wound equivalent
      • Low leakage inductance, extremely efficient high-frequency operation, 98-99% to 40 kHz – 500kHz
      • Minimum skin effect/flat windings + reduced proximity effect (Low AC losses)
      • Excellent repeatability thanks to pre-tooled components
      • Easy termination of multiple windings
      • Reliable PCB construction
      • Standard outlines compatible with application-specific custom designs
      • Lend themselves to sophisticated and effective thermal management
      • Volumetric efficiency (small size)
      • Low turns count improves Cu loss
      • Optimized core cross section lowers core loss
      • Large core surface area promotes heat transfer

      Kycon offers IP67 USB 2.0 A-Type Connector



      Kycon, Inc. expanded their USB series, adding a Panel mount A-Type USB 2.0 connector that is IP67 rated. The new KUSB67X series provides quick secure connections for any USB application requiring a safeguard to harsh environments, offering two options to meet design needs for wiring the panel mount connector. For applications that require maximum flexibility and customization in the field with no soldering required, the connector with the internal USB is the optimal choice. For applications that require a solid soldered connection to the connector, a breakout board version is available. A quick release cap is offered to form the interface meeting IP67 requirements.

      Key Specifications:
      ♦  IP67 Rated
      ♦  A-Type USB 2.0
      ♦  Contact Area with Gold Plating
      ♦  Panel Mount
      ♦  Quick Release Cap available

      Carling Releases Recessed Paddle Actuator to A-Series Circuit Breaker



      Well known for their proven reliability, the A-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers are compact, temperature stable and designed for precision operation in OEM markets requiring general purpose as well as full load amp applications. When front panel operation and aesthetics demand a clean, contemporary design, the visi-rocker or paddle actuators are ideally suitable. Sealed, toggle actuator style is ideal for harsh environment applications requiring additional sealing protection. Optional rocker-guard and push-to-reset bezels, which help prevent inadvertent actuation, are also available.

      1-6 poles; ratings from 0.02 to 50 amps, up to 277VAC or 80VDC; UL Recognized, UL Listed, UL1500, UL1077, TUV, VDE & CSA

      Typical Applications:
      ▬ Telecom/Datacom
      ▬ Marine
      ▬  Military
      ▬  Renewable Energy
      ▬ Generators & Welder

      Prestolite Wire Brand releases EPDM 150°C Battery Cable

      General Cable’s Prestolite Wire Brand of battery cable products are suitable for ground, starter
      and power applications.

      Prestolite Wire Brand EPDM 150°C Battery Cable is designed to the SAE J1127 specification,
      manufactured in the U.S.A., and is the superior choice for various battery cable applications.
      Thermoset rubber (EPDM) delivers superior performance and surpasses thermoplastic (PUR, PVC) compounds in flexibility, temperature performance, flame, durability and more. EPDM battery cables will not soften or distort from their formed shape when exposed to excessive heat or open flame. Thermoplastics (PVC) will deform under high temperatures, resulting in degradation of their physical attributes.

      Not only does EPDM rubber exhibit excellent heat resistant characteristics, Prestolite Wire Brand’s 150°C-rated EPDM offers many other advantages as well. It provides 3,000 hour @ 150°C long-term heat aging capability but also can survive overload conditions due to being a thermoset material. The product exceeds the -40˚C cold bend requirements and can deliver low temperature performance to get the job done!

      See Data Sheet

      EAO Releases New Series 09 Joysticks

      We are pleased to announce the release of EAO’s new Series 09 Joysticks. This innovative product series consists of standard joysticks with the possibility of customization through a wide selection of hand grips and both mechanical and electrical functionality. These contemporarily designed units offer increased durability by being sealed to IP65 and IP67 from the front, and IP40 from behind the panel. They are neatly packaged and require minimum space from above or below the panel. Both Hall effect or conductive plastic output makes these rugged controls ideal for applications ranging from machinery, heavy duty and specialty vehicles, lifting and moving, security and access control, medical equipment, and more. Their availability further enhances EAO’s product offering and increases their capability to provide complete HMI Systems solutions.

      Carling Technologies releases new USB V-Charger Port


      Ideal for rugged environments, fit in existing Contura switch panel cutout!

      Carling Technologies Dual Port USB V-Charger is designed to charge tablets, e-readers, mobile and gaming devices, digital cameras, as well as other compatible electronic devices.

      Providing a total current of 3.15 amps, the V-Charger delivers fast charging times even in extreme temperatures from -40 ̊C to +80 ̊C. This innovative product safeguards its electronics with integrated over-current and thermal overload protection, as well as optional load dump circuitry, assuring prolonged safe and reliable operation. The center LED indicates charging is in progress. Snap-in mounting for an industry standard 1.450” x .830” panel cutout makes installation easy.

      Additionally, the V-Charger’s double torsion spring-loaded access doors automatically close and provide effortless IP64 sealing protection with precision-fit silicone rubber seals.