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New Products & Highlights

Sanyo Denki Releases Three Splash Proof Fan Models

Sanyo Denki has developed and launched three Splash Proof Fan models. These fans feature IP68 water and dust resistance and some of the highest air flow and static pressure in the industry. They are suitable for cooling and ventilation applications that require high reliability in harsh environments and also come with the PWM control function to control the fan speed. Ideal applications include communication base stations, PV inverters, and digital signage.

Design Features

  • High airflow and high static pressure
  • Water and dust resistance for harsh environments
  • Low noise and high energy efficiency

Bud Introduces the PW-Series

Bud Industries presents its newest series. This small black enclosure comes in 5 sizes and perfect for smaller applications.

 Design Features

  • Made from black ABS plastic
  • Meets both UL94-5VA and UL94-V0 flammability ratings
  • Stylish rounded design
  • PCB mounting bosses in base
  • Free-standing or with molded mounting bracket options
  • Thread forming cover screws directly into the base
  • Designed for indoor use
  • 2 cover styles to choose from:

○ Smooth area on cover suitable for optional direct UV-cured print

○Textured area for mar-resistant finish


Kycon Expands USB Type C Options

Kycon has expanded their USB product line by adding a new USB
Type C® connector. The KUSBX-SL2-CS1N24-B-TR is a flag style connector with 24 contacts. This connector is rated at 10Gbps and meets USB 3.2 Gen 2 specifications.

Some key advantages include:

  • Slim design allows for the smallest footprint on the PCB saving space.
  • Allows for upgrade to more rugged and smaller Type C connector.
  • High temperature, halogen free plastic
  • Tape and reel packaging
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Carling’s New Solid-State Load Controller

The CLTM12-S is a solid-state load controller with 12 high-side outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 discrete inputs, 2 address lines, and a CAN baud rate select line. It provides fast, low-loss, solid-state on/off switching along with short circuit protection for each output, as well as load status and power diagnostics. Relative to electromechanical relays, the CLTM12-S increases thermal efficiency by providing lower power dissipation and higher power-to-weight densities.

The CLTM12-S provides improved safety and reliability while reducing equipment downtime, operator workload, overall vehicle weight, and wiring complexity.

Product Highlights:

  • SAE J1939 CAN
  • IP69k Sealing Protection when Connected
  • Meets 100 V/m Electric Field Immunity Standards
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • CAN-Based Bootloader

Check out the product video for more details.

EAOs’ New Series 09 Rugged CAN Keypads

EAO proudly announces the newSeries 09 Rugged CAN Keypads offer high reliability: The modules are designed for E1 applications and functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262 ASIL B and EN ISO 13849 PLD as well as an intelligent control with CAN bus integration. The robust, modular design with sealing levels of up to IP67 and the ability to customise and interchange the keypad legends make these high-quality devices ideally suited for harsh use in heavy duty and special vehicles.

Typical Applications

  • Roadmaking vehicles and roller compactors
  • Loaders, dozers and excavators
  • Cranes, dump trucks and crawler drills
  • Fire-fighting and rescue vehicles
  • Road sweepers, cleaning vehicles and refuse trucks
  • Snow removers and groomers
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment

Carling Officially Releases AV/AVH Series

The AV/AVH-Series sealed switch product line features a sleek, stainless design with various LED illumination options. These single pole switches are available with momentary and maintained circuits, with quick connect tab terminals for easy installation and daisy chaining.

The high powered AVH-Series also features ratings up to 30 amps, overload protection, thermal cut off, and reset-ability, providing superior safety and performance capabilities. Switching options include ON-OFF, as well as progressive circuits perfectly suited for NAV/ANCHOR functions.

Product Highlights:

  • Sealed to IP67 for Above-Panel Components
  • High Current Ratings
  • Momentary and Maintained Circuits
  • LED Halo Illumination

Check out the product video for more details.

New HWB60-AL Now Available with High Temperature Gore Vent

The Littelfuse HWB60-AL Hard-Wired Box is the perfect fit for accessory circuits and overflow circuits from your main Power Distribution Module. For smaller vehicles, this unit is an ideal solution as a main vehicle module. It features durable construction, and IP67 Rating and a compact size. With the elimination of internal bussing the user can customize their own circuitry utilizing direct wire-to-component connections.

Features and Benefits:

  • The elimination of internal bussing allows user to customize their own circuitry with direct wire-to-component connections.
  • Accepts any mini (280 style) circuit protection component.
  • Compact size allows the unit to be installed in vehicles with limited space.
  • Ideal for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM, or as a main module on smaller vehicles.
  • IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle and stands up to road splash and salt spray.
  • TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) give secondary locking protection of the wire leads, which aid in prevention of leads from being pulled out.
  • Wires plug into the back of the unit using industry-standard Delphi Metri-Pack Series 280 tanged terminals.
  • Multiple units can be dovetailed together to expand circuit protection capacity. They can also be interlocked to other Littelfuse PDMs and fuse holders, for examples the FLEC, MEGA Flex holder, MIDI Flex holder, etc.
  • Add-on accessory can hold a fuse puller and spare fuses.
  • Cover tethers also available to prevent loss of cover during service.

Bud Now Offers IP67 Air and Moisture Vents

For indoor and outdoor enclosures of any size that may be exposed to water or extreme temperature changes where condensation, pressure and heat buildup are a concern.

Features and Benefits:

  • Water tight and submersible IP67 vents with a variety of passive airflow capacities to balance the air pressure within the enclosure.
  • Suitable for any NEMA/IP rated enclosures, made from either plastic or metal
  • Minimize the risk of gasket breach due to excessive pressure or vacuum.
  • Greatly reduces fog and condensation due to humidity buildup.
  • e-PTFE film technology
  • e-PTFE film prevents salt crystals due to moisture and moisture permeability
  • Membrane is hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (Low absorption of oils)
  • UV resistant PC material
  • Seals using silicon washer or O-ring.
  • Maintenance free
  • Long service life
  • Through hole or threaded hole mounting.

CSW-Series IP67 Combination Switch

The CSW-Series is a versatile combination switch featuring a multi-position rotary, a three-position lever, and momentary pushbutton functions. This compact switch offers superior current ratings, IP67 sealing protection, customizable legends and it is compatible with a variety of popular connectors. Together, these features make the CSW-Series cost effective, easy to install, and well suited for a variety of commercial and recreational vehicles; and lawn and garden equipment.

Product Highlights:

  • Sealed to IP67 for Above-Panel Components

  • Multiple Functions

  • Compact Design

  • Easy Installation

Check out the product video for more details.