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Power Management Global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, healthcare, server storage and industrial.  AC-DC, DC-DC, PFC+DC-DC and customized power supplies. 


Interconnection Manufacturer of a complete range of connector and cable assembly solutions including rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, special application connector technology, and RADSOK contact technology for the Heavy Equipment, HEV/EV, Energy Storage, RMT, Machine Tool, and Process Controls. 

Thermal Management World-renowned for its extensive portfolio of innovative thermal management solutions. ATS’ vast selection of high-performance heat sinks, heat pipes, and liquid cooling products addresses the most demanding thermal challenges on the market. 

High Quality Enclosures and related products for the electronics and data industries. Small, hand-held boxes to large cabinet racks. Plastic and Metal, many of which meet NEMA and seismic requirements. Custom product and complete design support. 

Switches Rocker, Toggle, Push Button, Rotary; Circuit Breakers Hydraulic Magnetic, Thermal, GFCI/ELCI protection; Custom Power Distribution Solution Telecom Power Systems, Industrial Control. 

Battery Management Products Micro-processor and Transformer Based Custom and Standard Battery Chargers for Multiple Chemistries. DC-DC Converters, Battery Cable Assemblies, Transformers and PCB Assembly.  

HMI Switches and Solutions Illuminated High Reliability Switches, E-Stops, Rotary Selectors, Key Switch and Audible and Visual Indicators. HMI Systems and Custom Technology Driven Interface Solutions. Turn Key Integration of Switch Technologies. 

Wire, Cable and Assemblies Featuring Prestolite premium global line of transportation wire

Motors, Solenoids & Snap Switches and Integrated Solutions Stepper Motors, Synchronized Motors and Gearboxes, Rotary and Linear Solenoids, Burgess Snap Action Switches. Fully Integrated Motor and Solenoid Assemblies. Value Added Solutions. Flexible Interconnect Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), Flat Flexible Cable (FFC), Polymer Thick Film (PTF) and Components Assembly. 

Connectors D-Subs, USB, HDMI, DC Power, Modjacks, Audio Jacks, Mini-Dins, RCA and Optical Audio. Custom Connector Configuration. Custom Cable Molded Cable Assemblies and Harnesses. 

Circuit Protection Products and Solutions Heavy duty electro-mechanical, electronics and digital switches and connectors. Electrical Distribution Products Battery Disconnect Switch, High Amp Relays, Fuse Blocks, Low Voltage Disconnnects, Busbar, Battery Combiners, Power Distribution Modules. 

Analog and Digital Meters and Gauges Ampere, Voltage, Temperature, Oil Pressure, Air and Elapse Time. Custom Dash Displays, Fuel Senders and Pressure Sensors. 

DC and AC Cooling Fans Long Life, Low Noise, Splash Proof, Oil/Water Proof, Counter Rotating Fans. CPU Coolers. Blowers. Customer specified Wire Lengths and Connectors, Custom Fan Trays and Assemblies. 

Rugged Encoders, Position Sensors and Motion Control Products Incremental and Absolute Encoder Solutions, Rotary Optical Encoders, Magnetic Encoders, Hall Effect Non-Contact Position Sensors, Contact Potentiometers and other Motion Control Products. 

Solid State Relays & Contactors DC & AC SSR’s and SSC’s for Heating, Lighting and Motion Control. 

Pressure and Specialty Sensors Thin Film, Ceramic Capacitive, Piezo-Resistive and Silicon Capacitive for the OEM, Building & Equipment, Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverage, Commercial OEMs and Medical markets.

Precision Switches, Thermostats and Thermostat Probe Packages For Commercial, Industrial, HVAC, Refrigeration and Special Use.

Indicator Lights Panel mount indicators and integrated lighting solutions from round, rectangular, rear mount, LED and Flex Lites. Custom products available as well. 

Reed Switches, Sensors and Magnetics Fluid Flow and Level, Proximity, Motion and Current Sensors, Reed Switches and Reed Relays, Transformers, Inductors, Chokes, Antennas and Coils, Planar Transformers, Custom Configuration and Packaging. 

Sensors and Controls Bimetal Disc Thermostats, Temperature Controls, Microtemp Thermal Cut Offs (TCO’s), Polymer PTC’s and NTC Thermistors. 

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