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Interconnect Manufacturer of high-technology interconnects featuring Radsok and other
proprietary technologies, flexible circuits, buss bars, and cable assemblies for rugged and
harsh environments. Divisions represented include AIO, LTW, GASF, and TPI.

Thermal Management World-renowned for its extensive portfolio of innovative thermal
management solutions. ATS’ vast selection of high-performance heat sinks, heat pipes, & liquid
cooling products addresses the most demanding thermal challenges on the market.

High Quality Enclosures Manufacturer of enclosures and accessory products for the
electronics and data industries, from small, hand-held boxes to large cabinet racks as well as plastic
and metal – many of which meet NEMA and seismic requirements. Capabilities also include custom
& modified products, including screen printing, laser-etching, and complete design support.

Switches & Circuit Breakers From switch technology to circuit protection devices, our
comprehensive product range caters to diverse industries, including transportation, industrial
automation, marine, heavy equipment, and telecommunications. (See our product selector configurator.)

Switches, Sensors & Controls Specializes in providing automation components, solutions, and services with a wide range of products designed to improve energy efficiency, automation, and control processes across various industries.

Power Supplies & EMI Filters Recognized globally for its expertise in power conversion
technology with products known for reliability, efficiency, and compact designs, making them
suitable for industrial automation, medical equipment, telecommunications, transportation, and more.

Wire & Cable Specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality wire and cable products, providing solutions for commercial vehicles, EV, heavy machinery, and equipment used in industries like construction, agriculture, and transportation.

Advanced Battery Technology Focused on providing customized battery & energy
storage solutions for various applications, including lithium battery modules, thermal regulation
systems, and BMS for renewable energy systems, backup power, electric vehicles, marine, and more.

HMI Switches and Solutions Innovative manufacturer of high-quality human-machine
interface (HMI) systems and components. Designing and manufacturing advanced products
such as switches, indicators, and custom interface solutions for various industries, including
transportation, machinery, and medical devices.

Motors, Solenoids & Snap Switches and Integrated Solutions Leading provider of motion products, including electric motors, solenoids, and motion subsystems serving industries, such as home technologies, medical devices, and industrial equipment.

Flexible Interconnect Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), Flat Flexible Cable (FFC), Polymer Thick Film (PTF) and Components Assembly. 

Connectors Manufacturer of board-level connectors, molded cable assemblies, and interconnect solutions for various industries used in computers, peripherals, medical devices, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automotive electronics.


Commercial Vehicle Products Provides innovative solutions for circuit protection,
power distribution, and electronic controls

Meters & Gauges Analog and digital devices for Ampere, Voltage, Temperature, Oil Pressure, Air and Elapse Time. Custom Dash Displays, Fuel Senders and Pressure Sensors.

DC & AC Cooling Fans Well-regarded in the industry for their reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation. Their cooling solutions play a critical role in preventing overheating and ensuring

Stepper & Servo Systems Crafted for exceptional performance and reliability, especially in multi-axis synchronous motion control applications.

Power Systems UPS systems providing backup power to electronic services and systems during power outages or fluctuations.

Transformers Since 1966 Shape has been providing customers throughout the world, including international OEM’s, with custom transformers and magnetic assemblies, voltage regulators, line conditioners, inductors and other types of innovative transformer solutions.

Indicator Lights Panel mount indicators and integrated lighting solutions from round, rectangular, rear mount, LED and Flex Lites. Custom products available as well. 

Sealed Buss Bar Single and dual connector, IP67 products rated up to 48V DC

Sensors and Controls A Sensience company manufacturing thermal control solutions, including temperature sensors, thermal switches, and other related components for appliance, HVAC, industrial automation, and transportation.

Electronic Manufacturing Service A North American design and contract manufacturer that allows you to become more competitive by bringing your products to the market faster and at lower costs while adding value through highly skilled and integrated design.

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