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Well, we did it. While it didn’t look the same, or even feel the same, Pinnacle Marketing held our Annual Review and Planning meeting this week.  Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we were able to get together for two and a half days, 2 sessions each day for 2 hours (plus a little) each session. While our rear ends are numb from sitting in front of our computers staring at each other, our brains are stimulated, engaged, and ready to take on 2021!  

Our theme for this meeting was “Resilience.” While COVID-19 may have knocked the industry back a few steps, we were able to come through and feeling stronger as we enter a new year. We reviewed our 2020 accomplishments – such as our daily authoring of “Survival Guide: How to Manage in a Pandemic” – and set a plan to navigate 2021. While most of the takeaways from the past year have been valuable, I think we would all like to put 2020 in our hindsight.

This year will still have challenges as we await the vaccines to be fully distributeand hopefully end the virus. 

I want to thank the entire Pinnacle Marketing team for their participation and engagement during our meeting. Together we are Resilient!