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Pinnacle Marketing would like to congratulate Melanie Franco of Sensata – Industrial for being our recipient of the Jamie Koroslev Excellence in Representative Support Award for 2020. This was a challenging year that forced most of us to work from home. The ability to do our jobs effectively became more difficult when those supporting our efforts did not have access to the resources typically used to accomplish key tasks. Melanie did a great job keeping our team informed and updated and did so with a very positive attitude. When Covid-19 restrictions forced us all to shelter at home, Pinnacle Marketing set up virtual meetings with our customers. In addition, Pinnacle initiated virtual coffee breaks and happy hours to remain engaged with our Principals and Distributors. The Sensata sales team joined us for one of those coffee breaks and we all got to meet Melanie virtually in the early days of the Pandemic. The entire Pinnacle team had an opportunity to see face to face a person we would normally only communicate with by email or phone. We were all impressed with her sunny disposition and her ability to get the job done. Thanks again Melanie for your support during this difficult time.