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Pinnacle Marketing would like to congratulate Tracy Pasniewski of Carling Technologies; recipient of ourJamie Koroslev Excellence in Representative Support Award for 2021. We take pride in honoring this member of our team that we lost to cancer in 1996; Jamie was a true salesman and an inspiration to all he encountered. His engaging personality was one of the many attributes that helped him get the support he needed to be successful. We are presenting Tracy with this award for her get-it-done attitude during a difficult time for the global supply chain. This was a challenging year that forced most of us to become proficient expeditors. The ability to fulfill our role in the supply chain became more labor-intensive when raw material shortages arose in abundance through various unforeseen disasters in the worldwide supply chain. Tracy did a great job of keeping our team informed and updated in a timely fashion, often performing what seemed like a miracle here and there! Jamie would have enjoyed working with her and formed a lasting friendship. Thanks again Tracy for supporting us throughout 2021.