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Kycon AwardKycon recently presented Pinnacle Marketing with an award for 25 years of service.  Kaya Erk, CEO and Owner of Kycon recalls, “25 years ago we had been in business for 2 years and were looking to grow our rep network when the phone rang. My conversation with Doyle Evans started a relationship that went beyond mere colleagues. Pinnacle and Kycon became friends. And 25 years later, we are like family. Some of the players have changed along the way, but the core values that both Pinnacle and Kycon hold continue to be passed along to their new team members, allowing the relationship to remain intact. When Carl Furumasu received the very first Jaime Koroslev Award of Excellence, we were touched beyond words.”  Kaya further states, “Pinnacle has always had an amazing group of folks on their team and we are thankful to have been a part of it. Congratulations to Pinnacle Marketing on the last 25 years in business. We look forward to working with you for another 25 years!”